FAQ - things to know before waxing

before | the best way to prepare skin for waxing:

whether you're waxing a smaller area (i.e. brows or lip) or larger, more intimate areas (i.e. brazilian, underarms, legs, etc.) there are things you can do before coming into the spa to minimize discomfort & to help you achieve the best results.

  • let it grow - keep hair long enough for the wax to grip it. two to three weeks of growth, or about a quarter of an inch long, is ideal. hair needs to be longer than “stubble” or the wax will not be able to remove the hair fully from the pore; resulting in a more painful and uneven wax. If hair is too short to be waxed, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

    *please know, that in order to receive a brazilian or bikini wax, you must be at least 18 years old. i will not perform this service even with parental consent if you are under 18.. For other wax services, if you are under the age of 18, you need parental consent. Mint skin reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.

  • light exfoliation - gently exfoliate your skin a day or two before your wax appointment. exfoliation helps grab the hair & not the skin. don’t exfoliate too hard though, you don’t want to make the skin super sensitive. Avoid Apricot scrub!

  • moisturize! healthy, well moisturized skin helps the wax to remove hair easier. so moisturize often until the day of. Skin that is not moisturized properly can also cause the skin to lift. dry skin can absorb the wax, resulting in the skin to pull when removing the wax.

  • take a chill pill - okay, maybe not an actual chill pill, but if you have a low pain tolerance, taking a couple aspirin an hour before your appointment will help with any discomfort. Although the wax i use is a mix of all natural vegetable oils, 99% natural, & doesn't have the typical 'STICKINESS' like most waxes, you're still removing hair follicles from it's pore.

  • loose clothing - if you're waxing your underarms, arms, legs, bikini/brazilian, you don't want to wear super tight clothes to your appointment. wear loose fitting clothing for ultimate comfort!

  • take a retin-a break - certain medications can sensitize the skin to waxing. retin-a creams, glycolics, aha's, topical acne creams; can leave the skin susceptible to injury during waxing. take a week break if you are waxing your brows, lip, chin, or sideburns to avoid lifting or trauma to the skin. If you are currently taking antibiotics, please wait a week after finishing your script, before booking your wax.

  • if you’re sunburned or have had lots of sun exposure before your wax…let your technician know. skin that has had lots of sun exposure before your wax can make your skin sensitive. if you are sunburned in an area that you are waxing, you will need to reschedule your appointment. waxing compromised skin can result in irritation, lifting, or uncomfortable bumps.

***during your wax, post wax tips will be discussed & you will be directed to the ‘after wax care’ section of this site. it will help to let you know all the things you should and shouldn't do to achieve the max results IN-BETWEEN your appointments***