After waxing | what to know

Clothing - wear loose clothing for bikini and brazilian’s and other large waxed areas. motion equals friction, which can lead to ingrowns & irritation. NO skinny jeans, leggings, or tight clothing for at least 24-48 hours post wax.

BE Gentle - the first 24-48 hours! Do not take a hot shower after you’ve been waxed. if you are taking a shower within 12 hours after being waxed, use gentle body soap/sensitive skin body wash. no scented scrubs or soaps. over stimulating freshly waxed skin can cause hives, breakouts, ingrowns, & irritation. do not over stimulate the skin.

Exfoliate - 24-48 hours after treatment to prevent the build up of dead skin cells. dead skin cells cause cause ingrown hairs. exfoliate every time you shower to help keep the skin soft, allowing hair to grow back through the skin easily.

Healing- the waxed areas will need to heal for 24-48 hours. it is normal to see redness, similar to a light sunburn, red speckling (pin point bleeding) where the root of the hair has been removed, and very rarely hives. if hives do occur, take an antihistamine. it should relieve the skin of hives. The skin may be slightly tender to the touch than usual.

Avoid- scented lotions, perfumes, as well as alpha hydroxy acids & exfoliating granules for 48 hours. treat your skin like it has a minor sunburn - think aloe gel, manuka honey, unscented body lotions for sensitive skin, or products retailed at mint skin.

use after care- using recommended products post wax in between appointments will prevent you from ingrowns. exfoliate & moisturize, every day until your next appointment. Keeping the skin soft and moisturized will help hair regrowth come through easier.

no hot- showers, baths, hot tubs, sun exposure. no sexual activity (bikini and brazilian area. sorry! you can spread bacteria and cause severe irritation) your follicles are healing for the next 24-48 hours!

working out & going for a run should be avoided for the rest of the day after your wax. sweat=bacteria. bacteria can cause irritation. also, you want to avoid friction in the areas that have just been waxed. so plan your work outs around your wax.