Lash lifting

keratin Lash lifting treatment

all appointments are done using online booking!

if you are a new client, PLEASe show up 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to go over your consultation form. please fill out and submit the online consent form before your appointment.

Lash lifting | $65 | estimated 60 mins.

Lash lifting is a technique designed to give you longer and fuller looking lashes, and creates a natural looking curl without the need for extensions. lash lifting is the newest trend that requires no maintenance and holds up perfectly during showering and swimming (never worry about mascara running down your face while having fun!) unlike lash extensions, you can wear mascara with your lift (must wait 24 hours post service). wearing mascara with your tint can enhance your lift even more and give a more dramatic look!

how long does it last? 6-8 weeks, sometimes 12 weeks - depending on the person and their lashes.

you can still wear mascara! 24 hours after the treatment, you can resume your normal daily makeup/routine. just avoid waterproof mascara & oily makeup removers; these will break down the lash lift and make your lashes drop quicker.

Ths technique does not damage your lashes as the lifting and setting solution is only applied to the new growth area of the lashes down towards the base & up a bit, never to the ends of the lashes. 

before your appointment: each lash lift appointment is allotted only a certain amount of time. please come to your appointment without any mascara or eye make up. although i do a quick oil free make up remover at the beginning of your appointment, it is appreciated if you come without any eye make up. it gives me more time to focus on your gorgeous lashes! If you have lash extensions on, you will not be able to receive the APPOINTMENT. also, i do not have the proper tools to remove lash extensions or enhancements. so please have extensions removed before your appointment

If you are currently using any lash growth serums, please discontinue use 48 hours before your lash lift appointment and avoid use 48 hours after your appointment. after that, you can continue to apply your serum as normal.

after your appointment & your lashes are lifted! do not wear mascara (or preferably any eye makeup), get your lashes wet, rub your eyes, sleep with your face smushed against a pillow, or be in a steamy room - for 24 hours. after 24 hours, your lift is fully processed and you have no maintenance for the next 6-8 weeks! lashes will naturally fall back to their normal state.

lashes go through a natural shedding keep in mind that it is natural to lose a couple lashes a day. just like the hair on our heads, our lashes shed as new lashes begin to grow. sometimes the shedding is more noticeable BECAUSE you are focused on your new lash lift. so hairs that usually shed and fall out that go unnoticed, you may notice. and that is completely normal!